La Zona Segura
Maribel Maseda

La Zona Segura


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The Safe Zone speaks through the mouths of all those who suffer or have suffered ill-treatment or any form of abuse. They are the victims of violence from someone who possesses them, regardless of with whom or where they live. The designation of "gender-based violence or domestic" has been creating the idea wrong in society that is the result of an entire series of marital disagreements that those involved should be responsible for resolving. This book offers a perspective of how this insane coexistence is interwoven without the victim realizing of when it began. Also, how the same society does not understand why the victim accepts this situation without realizing that often coexists with aggressors, and does not recognize it as such. Maribel Maseda also speaks to relatives and friends of the victims of violence so that they know what happens to the inner selves of these persons, and what attitude they must adopt to support them and how to behave in different situations that can occur. It also details, step by step, what a victim can do to move away from the aggressor, how to begin a new life, which problems may arise, and, above all, how to react to them. The Safe Zone is a book of hope and recovery for people, mostly women, betting on the love in which they are immersed in an unhealthy relationship, which is intertwined with love and hate. The author encourages all these victims to recover their dignity and not to accept anything other than what they deserve."

Maribel Masada has a Nursing degree from the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM), and a specialty in Psychiatry from the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM), and is an expert in techniques for self-knowledge. Her willingness to assist and help people in difficult situations has led to the creation of Reuniones de Vida, meetings for people over 40 years old that provides guidance for improving the quality of life and help in overcoming fears. She is also the author of two books, Hablame (2000) and El Tablero Iniciatico (2008)."

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