Perlas de Sabiduría (Spanish Edition)

Perlas de Sabiduría (Spanish Edition)

Unlike other spiritually oriented texts that describe abstruse principles, this book offers easily accessible concepts that all readers will be able to readily understand and apply to their own daily experiences, such as “God sees only the best in us. Having mercy on yourself means to be true to God’s vision of that perfection.”

Each inspiring thought is set on its own page for easy reading, helping the reader derive the most meaning and enjoyment from it. Page after page, these timeless words will offer all readers support, inspiration and comfort in our fast-paced and all-too-often harsh world. Pearls of Wisdom is sure to become a cherished guide and companion.

Disregarding the constraints of social conventions including the caste system, Dadi Janki became one of the few active women spiritual leaders just following India’s independence, traveling throughout India, teaching self-reliance and empowering women to become leaders in their communities. Her concern for the well-being of others has always been a driving force in her life. Much of her youth was spent in serving the sick by comforting them with religious stories and humble prayers. Indeed, her own life has been filled with illness, which tested and helped her to develop her own ability to conquer physical infirmity through greater spiritual awareness. Dadi Janki is the co-administrative head of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University. The university’s purpose is to help people explore their highest level of personal integrity and the attributes of leadership. This unique method of education in human moral and spiritual values was initiated in 1936 and is currently offered in over 72 countries.

  • Título: Perlas de Sabiduría (Spanish Edition)
  • Nombre del archivo: perlas-de-sabidurandiacutea-spanish-edition.pdf
  • ISBN: B00A3650HO
  • Autor: Dadi Janki

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